The Thai Riffic Expeerience

When we first opened Thai Riffic Randwick in 1993 our aims was to raise the bar in Thai food and introduce Sydney diners to a memorable experience which delights all the senses. For us it is not just about serving amazing food, it is about creating an atmosphere which transports you to another place -  one that reflects the culture and vibrancy of Thailand. 

At Thai Riffic Randwick we have designed a welcoming environment where you can relax and share fabulous food with family and friends and enjoy the authentic taste of Thailand. We take a great pride in every last detail, from our inventive recipes and presentation to our inviting interiors and service with smile.

Traditional Thai ingredients work perfectly with Australia's incredible produce and we have had the freedom to explore classic dishes and recreate them in new and exciting ways. Today you'll find a number of Thai Riffic restaurants right across Sydney and it is fair to say that our name has become synonymous with top quality contemporary Thai Food. We hope you enjoy the Thai Riffic experience - We think it is a TERRIFIC way of living.

The Wall

We wanted to incorporate sone authentic Thai art and culture into our interiors so we chose sacred Yant designs to adorn our wall, namely that of the God Hanuman (White monkey) riding the Radchasee (Singha). Yant patterns existed lang before the Buddhist era, dating back to pre - Hindu times, and are believed to offer protection, enhance power and bring prosperity. The Yant was traditionally either tattooed on the skin (Sak Yant) or printed on cloth which was then blessed and given to people to protect them. The blessings on the artwork are written in ancient Sanskrit from which the modern Thai language is derived

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